All About AE

Amy Elizabeth is a multi-passionate, heart-centred and spiritual entrepreneur on a mission to empower and help as many people as she can. She is the self-published author of Pure Confidence, The Positivity Journal, The Positivity Journal: Kids Edition and her newest nutrition read Nutri-Mind and she is also the creator of The Positivity Pack.

She is a designer-maker with an empowering jewellery collection ‘Spiritually Connected‘. Amy is also a CAD / CAM Jewellery Designer and Diamond Grader (GIA) and enjoys creating bespoke designs (particularly taking her clients on a magical journey with their bespoke engagement and wedding ring creation). 

She models. She’s a peace keeper. And of course, a giver and healer. Amy has an array of holistic qualifications under her belt including Reiki, Crystal Healing and The Bars – Access Consciousness. She helps others to maximise their own self-belief and inner energies. Her 8 week Pure Magic Online Spiritual Coaching Programme can be accessed here and her 10 week Pure Magic Online Coaching Course can be purchased here.

Amy is an inspiring and uplifting motivational speaker who is truly passionate about changing the world. You can read more and book Amy for your event here

Amy also dabbles in fashion design and has her own collections that aim to empower the wearer. She has an array of urban and dance inspired designs on this site and also has some cute and funky youthful fashion designs on Teespring – ‘From The Heart Fashion’.  All of her fashion designs are unique and underpinned with positivity.                                                                     

All she does; she does from the heart. 

To have Amy design your wedding or engagement ring you can get in touch with her at anytime. She will be delighted to bring the ring of your dreams to life.

For other bespoke designs please get in touch with Amy direct. She is a true creative after all and if it’s unique you are after, of course she can serve you!

Amy is serious about helping as many people as she can – for life. Her journey has been one filled with passion, challenges, learning, failure and fulfilment. Her ultimate aim is to help others walk their own pathway of self-belief with optimum health, full energy and clarity of mind for the rest of their living days. 

These lyrics from Bob Marley’s incredibly influential Redemption Song have the power to inspire and liberate us all …

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;

None but ourselves can free our minds.”

Bob Marley (Redemption Song)

Amy is on a mission… Listen!

Of course, to help and empower as many people as she can.

Her energetic and heart-centred approach means she is on a mission to inspire, energise and empower as many people as she can to live happy and fulfilling lives. 

Having risen above adverse circumstances to achieve positive stability and success in her own life, Amy has a strong desire to help and support others, particularly young people.

Amy has learned how to change her beliefs, thoughts and self-talk so that she is no longer living in an ‘if only’ mindset; she now sees possibility in everything, enabling her to live a more resilient and creative life.

She is also single mother to a young son and passionate about protecting animals and working to save our planet. 

“I’ve learnt to be thankful and I’ve learnt how to be happy.  If you want happiness for a lifetime, help others.”